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Nazywam się Patrycja Klimek. Wraz z moim zespołem budujemy świadomość, zmieniamy nawyki żywieniowe oraz zdrowie setek ludzi na lepsze. Poznaj mnie, sprawdź opinie i zrób krok w stronę zdrowia.

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Patrycja Klimek, a certified clinical nutritionist and psycho-dietician. For many years, she has been helping people with passion and commitment to change their eating habits. He is guided by the principle that self-confidence and the power of positive thinking can change everything we dream about. The key element of education during the treatment is teaching the patients the power of self-discipline. It makes you aware that only you are responsible for your life and health and that you choose what you eat.

After reading this book, you will completely change your approach to diet and lifestyle. You will gain faith in your own strength and abilities and you will end „diets” once and for all.
“If you think you can and can do a task, you will. And if you think you can’t handle the challenge, you will too. „

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